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Surgery for Circumcision

Disposable circumcision stapler - Innovation for Urology Used for male circumcision in Urology with high quality and easy to surgery

Advantage for Circumplus®

Circumcision Stapler surgical procedure in males involves for easy procedure or use of a circumcision instrument or device.

Advantage comparing

Fewer postoperative complications. Shorter operative time, lower blood loss volume. Time-efficient and safe male circumcision

Performed Procedure

Male circumcision is the most frequently performed procedure by urologists, is the surgical removal of the foreskin (prepuce) from the human penis due to hygiene

Circumcision Procedure

Circumcision surgical procedure in males involves either a conventional "cut and stitch" surgical procedure or use of a circumcision instrument or device. In the newborn period

Introduction of Circumcision

Male circumcision is the most commonly performed surgical procedure in the worlds and has demonstrated its effectiveness on reducing various effective


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